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Below are the various short films I have directed & animated. My most recent short film The Dark Knight in 60 Seconds was created for the Virgin Radio 2012 Fake Film Festival, while Theo, Off the Wall, and Classical Fighter 74: Turbo were created during my year and a half at Vancouver Film School (VFS). Each video is embedded from vimeo, and are displayed at roughly 350x256 pixels. TDK60 is embedded from youtube, in accordance with the Virgin Radio contest rules. Feel free to view them in their full-screen glory.


The Dark Knight in 60 Seconds: Batman forms an uneasy alliance with Lt. Jim Gordon and newly-appointed District Attorney Harvey Dent, as a master mind known only as The Joker begins to make his mark on Gotham City, pushing each man to his limit.

Created for the Virgin Radio 2012 Fake Film Festival.
Animated and coloured using Adobe Flash CS5.5. Both classical and puppet animation techniques used.

The Dark Knight in 60 Seconds is a top-twenty-four finalist for the Virgin Radio 2012 Fake Film Festival. It is a one-minute interpretation of Christopher Nolan's 2008 film The Dark Knight.


Off the Wall: Unwittingly created by a young hip-hop fan, a piece of graffiti becomes something much more.

Created under the Classical Animation Program.
Classically Animated. Coloured & Compositted using
Adobe Photoshop CS3 and ToonBoom Harmony.

Off the Wall was a top-five finalist for the Teletoon-at-Night Pilot Project.


Classical Fighter 74 Turbo: Both a tribute to VFS Classical Animation Class 74, and a parody of '90s video-gaming. Twenty-two classical animators gather to do battle, and determine, once and for all, who is truly the greatest Classical Fighter in the world.

Created under the Classical Animation Program.
Animated using Adobe Flash CS3.


Theo: A determined (and somewhat, misguided) young man embarks on a vigorous training regimen to bulk up & build some muscle... or die trying.

Created under the Digital Character Animation Program.
Animated using Autodesk Maya.

* Batman is a registered trademark of DC Comics. No copyright infringement is intended.

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